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How involved was Akira Toriyama in the production of Dragon Ball GT?

2 Answers

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Dragon Ball GT was produced by Toei Animation, one of the anime companies used to produce Dragon Ball Z.

Akira Toriyama did not write any of the episodes though, that's true. They're all fillers.

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Dragon Ball GT was produced by the same companies as Dragon Ball Z, so technically it can be considered a sequel.

However, there is one 'but': this is more of an OVA than an adaption of the manga; in fact, Dragon Ball GT was never a manga. So in anime terms: yes, Dragon Ball GT is the official sequel, but not in manga terms.

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How involved was Akira Toriyama in the production of Dragon Ball GT?
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I always had this doubt about whether Dragon Ball GT was an official, canonical sequel of Dragon Ball Z or not. I know that Akira Toriyama helped in the development, but did he write any of it?

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Dragon Ball GT was produced by Toei Animation, one of the anime companies used to produce Dragon Ball Z.

Akira Toriyama did not write any of the episodes though, that's true. They're all fillers.


The US version from FUNimation is actually different for some reason. They removed the first 16 episodes and replaced them with their own exclusive ones. - Rapptz Dec 13 '12 at 20:20

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